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Precursor (Yiyang) Plasma Powders Co., Ltd. (PPPC) is a hi-tech materials producer and supplier specializing in Thermal Spray Materials and Rare Earth Products.

With subordinate manufactures in P. R. China and sales offices in North America, PPPC has established itself as a first-rate player in the quickly expanding thermal spray and rare earth application market.

To meet the increasing demands of thermal spray materials and rare earth products, PPPC now carries a variety of materials to serve not only manufacturers in machinery, automobile, metallurgy, ceramic, electronic and marine industries, but also customers in R & D.

Due to our lean, responsive, and innovative organization, we, at PPPC, strive to supply our customers with high quality and reliable products at extremely competitive prices. We believe we are one of the very best Thermal Spray Materials and Rare Earth Products providers in the world.

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