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Rare Earth Alloys
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Typical Composition
Non-RE Impurities
(ppm, max.)
Description & Application
Nd-Fe Alloy PR31712 TREM+Fe:
Nd:84.0?, Fe:16.0? Si:300, Ca:100, C:500, Mo:300, Al:1000, Ni:100, Cr:100, O:500, Mn:500 Metal ingots or blocks. Used as permanent magnet alloy for Nd-Fe-B magnet series.
La-Nd Alloy PR31812 TREM:99.0+ La:56.0?, Ce:5.0, Pr:9.0?, Nd:36.0?,Sm:0.5, Y:0.1 Fe:2000, Si:500, Ca:500, C:500, Mo:300, Al:1000 Metal ingots, silvery gray, soft, ductile and malleable, becomes yellowish in air. Used as an additive in magnetic materials, steel, and non-ferrous metals.
Pr-Nd Alloy PR31822 REM:99.0, TREM:99.0+ La:0.3, Ce:0.2, Pr:95.0+, Nd:<5.0, Sm:300(ppm), Y:50(ppm) Fe:1500, Si:400, Ca:50, C:500, Mo:500, Mg:100 Metal ingots or blocks, silvery yellow, malleable and ductile, relatively resistant to oxidation in air. Used in magnetic material.

Rare Earth Products

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